Valletta, the capital of the Maltese Islands and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a 16th century fortified city built on a headland and adjoined by two busy ports, the modern port of Marsamxett to the north and the Grand Harbour to the south. La Falconeria Hotel is located on Melita Street, which is adjacent to Republic Street, Valletta´s central pedestrianised main-street. Various Bourgeoisie Cafés, Restaurants, Eateries and Bars line most of Valletta´s streets and alleyways alongside numerous museums, palaces, pjazzas, churches and theatres.

     At less than a kilometer squared, the historical significance of the city is second to none. The city itself was built through funds from the Vatican and many Noble European houses as monument to the triumph of the Order of St.John over the Ottoman Empire. With Malta situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, Valletta was at the centre of most major trade routes across the Mediterranean, and in the path of most expanding naval and military empires throughout modern history, each of which left its own mark on the city and its culture, and in some cases, threatening the city´s very existence.

The Order´s insignia is visible around the city. The eight-pointed cross can be seen on most buildings, a trademark of their architectural marvels most notable of which are the Auberge De Castille, St.John´s Cathedral and the Grandmaster´s Palace. However, walking through Valletta´s grid network of streets, one can see evidence of the Napoleonic army´s short stay, the British Colonial period and Valletta´s resilience in the face of Italian and German bombings during the Second World War.

A lively mature night scene has also sprouted out of the city´s side-streets with themed bars offering live music in a unique setting. Valletta is also a Mediterranean centre for the arts, with the Manoel Theatre, a 17th century Baroque Theatre showcasing various Pantomimes, plays, Operas and Orchestral recitals. St.James Cavalier serves as a modern home to cult cinema and contemporary art exhibitions while the Mediterranean Conference Centre and The Open-Air Theatre accommodate larger audiences. The City´s streets and its pjazzas serve as a location for events on a grand scale such as Notte Biance, Science in the City and Valletta Capital of Culture 2018.