Before it was Melita Street, Melita being the Latin name for Malta, and even before the street was known as both Britannia Street and Rue de la Félicité Publique, a further reflection of Malta’s colonial rulers, the street was known as Strada Pia. It was baptised as such by the Knights of the Order of St. John, in honour of Pope Pius V, a generous benefactor to the city.

But to the Maltese, the street was known informally as Strada del Gran Falconiere.

Traditionally, the Knights of the Order were required to send a single Maltese falcon every year as an annual fee to Charles V of Spain, King of Sicily, who ruled Malta in the 16th century and had given the island to the Knights in their religious mission. This street is where they kept their falcons, trained them, and bred them, and it is in this incredibly historic street that La Falconeria has taken roost and is set up.

Situated in the heart of the glorious capital of Malta, La Falconeria offers its guests the chance to truly experience Valletta´s unique charm and character whilst surrounded by history. Valletta’s Baroque architectural style perfectly compliments La Falconeria’s fine and detailed premises, reminiscent of the Rococo style, allowing you to blend in and become one with the city.

There are two sides to this hotel. The front half of the building is hundreds of years old; walking through the entrance, one is transported from the present back to the time of the renaissance nobility, with marble flooring and artistic finishes. The latter half was destroyed in WWII, and was rebuilt in a modern style while in symmetry to the rest of the city.

An outdoor courtyard is central to this hotel, providing a tranquil oasis in the open air under the warm Mediterranean sun. These two sides of the hotel along with the modern facilities and luxuries complement the historic feel and live up to the city´s best description: “a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen”.

The name of this beautiful hotel was aptly chosen, conveying the Island´s – and this street in particular – amazing historical past. It’s central location ensures that you are close enough to all the historical landmarks in Valletta, but distant enough to enjoy the peace and quiet of times gone by.  

Guests will be happy to find several landmarks and useful connections within walking distance. One can reach the city of Sliema within minutes via the harbour by way of the Sliema Ferry. Republic Street, the High Street, and national bus terminal are all within walking distance, and prestigious buildings and museums can be found everywhere you look. Yet, even though La Falconeria is so central, it’s position in a quiet side street just off the main thoroughfare ensures you have an oasis to come back to after your busy day.

The property itself consists of forty-three rooms split into seven different categories and located in various sections of the building encircling the wide courtyard where guests can relax and enjoy the light Maltese air and fresh sunlight. The courtyard may be accessed through the lobby or the hotel´s lounge, all set in a mid-century modern style within the historic structure. Sitting in the courtyard on a breezy, summery day with a chilled drink is just a small slice of island life offered at La Falconeria.

All rooms are finished to the highest of standards with traditional Maltese tiled floors and in-room complimentary facilities to really make you feel at home. The façade of the hotel is dotted by various balconies of different classical styles, French Balconies on the first floor, Traditional Maltese Balconies on higher floors, open balconies for the Suites, and a 35 square metre terrace for the Executive Suite.

From the third floor upwards, guests can begin to enjoy glimpses of the cityscape, with harbour and distant seaviews. The executive suites on the upper floors also feature stunning views of no less than five beautiful cathedrals, along with views of Manoel Island and the Sliema promenade.

Overlooking the courtyard, our Double and Large Double rooms offer a more tranquil experience without limiting access to our famous Maltese sunlight. Or you can step outside your door and find yourself in the middle of bustling Valletta within a few minutes. Whether you are looking for some downtime in an oasis of peace, or want to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, La Falconeria offers the perfect location to start your day from.

All the luxurious comforts of the modern world housed in the classical design of the Baroque heart of the Mediterranean. This is La Falconeria.